Blue Dinosaur

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Blue Dinosaur is a free online game developed by Google and integrated into the Google Chrome web browser. In this game, players control a T-Rex dinosaur as it runs through a side-scrolling landscape, avoiding obstacles to achieve the highest score. The game is designed with a simple interface, featuring minimalistic graphics and colors.

Tyrannosaurus rex, the animal we typically see in dinosaur-related films and novels, is the game’s main character and a classic dinosaur. It is a kind of Cretaceous dinosaur that was carnivorous.

In the game, it must avoid pterodactyls and cacti by jumping or ducking as it travels through the desert. Even while the game itself appears simple, it might be challenging for a novice player to obtain a good score because the dinosaur’s speed rises with distance gone.

How to play Blue Dinosaur online for free:

  • In order to avoid the cactuses, the player must use the space or up arrow keys to the dinosaur jump over them.
  • To dodge the second obstacle (flying pterodactyls) the player must make it duck in order to avoid by pressing the down arrow key.
  • The game stops and displays the score, when the dinosaur crashes into either obstacle. In the game, time elapsed is converted into points.
  • To survive as long as you can is the aim of the game. The background color alternates between white and black as the game goes on, signifying day and night.

How to play Chrome Dinosaur Offline Game?

As previously mentioned, the Chrome Dino Game is a free infinite runner in which the player’s T-Rex must dodge numerous obstacles, like pterodactyls and cacti, to advance. When the player presses the space bar or, if the game is played on a mobile device, taps the dinosaur on the touchscreen, the dinosaur begins to run automatically.

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