Country Location

"Country Location" is an educational and entertaining geography knowledge challenge game.

Game Description:

Country Location” is an educational and entertaining geography knowledge challenge game. In this game, players are challenged to identify the location of countries on a map based on observing their respective national flag images. As the game progresses, players will enhance their geographical knowledge skills, explore the positions of various countries, and enjoy a unique learning and entertainment experience.


  1. Select Difficulty Level: At the start of the game, players can choose from three different difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each difficulty level offers varying degrees of challenge to meet the needs and skill levels of different players.
  2. Observe National Flag Images: Once the game begins, the screen will display a random national flag image. Players need to carefully observe the flag to determine the identity of the depicted country.
  3. Locate the Country Position: Based on the observed national flag image, players must locate the corresponding country’s position on the map. The map will display outlines of multiple countries, and players need to click on the correct country position.
  4. Score Points for Correct Answers: If players successfully identify the correct country position, they will earn 10 points as a reward. Points can be used to improve rankings or unlock more game content.
  5. Challenge Higher Difficulty Levels: As the game progresses, players can attempt to challenge higher difficulty levels to enhance their geographical knowledge and enjoy greater challenges and fun.
  6. Learn Geography Knowledge: Through the game process, players will learn the positions of various countries, deepen their understanding of world geography, and explore the cultures and geographical features of different countries within the game.

Country Location” will provide players with a unique geography learning and entertainment experience, allowing them to explore the positions and cultures of various countries in the world, and enjoy the fun and sense of achievement brought by knowledge.

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