Pokémon link

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In Pokémon Link players are tasked with making matches of the same Pokémon from a field called the Link Box. The top screen displays a wild Pokémon, which serves as the opponent in battle. By lining up three Pokémon of the same type either vertically or horizontally, players can clear their Pokémon from the Link Box and attack the wild Pokémon, reducing its HP. Once the wild Pokémon’s HP reaches zero, it can be successfully linked to the player’s collection. The game offers an engaging experience of strategic matching and battling to collect various Pokémon.

How to play Pokémon Link online for free

  • Left-click to 2 images with the same to remove. Remove all to win the level.
  • Your objective is to match the same Pokémon from the Link Box.
  • To make a match, find three Pokémon of the same type in a row, either horizontally or vertically.
  • When you make a match, the Pokémon will be cleared from the Link Box.
  • Continue making matches and reducing the wild Pokémon’s HP until it reaches zero.
  • Once the wild Pokémon’s HP is at zero, you can successfully Link that Pokémon to your collection.
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