Counter Craft

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Counter Craft is an unblocked shooting game where you deal with many zombies on the city streets. Once they spot you, they will come after you relentlessly. Clear the roads from these bloodthirsty creatures. They will seize the opportunity if they get the chance to attack you. Dodge their attacks and defeat them in this thrilling zombie game!

How to Play Counter Craft

You will find yourself at the intersection of Rourke and Joyce Streets. Further back on the map is Stephen Street. These streets are full of dangerous creatures. Use your pistol and shoot them without mercy in this zombie game. If they get close to you, they will attack you. Their attacks cause your health bar to drop immediately. Be careful not to make too much contact with them while trying to wipe them off the beautiful streets!

Pistol or Shotgun?

This shooting game offers you many weapon options. You will start with using a CZ 75B pistol. A Glock and Deagle will be waiting for you to unlock them in later rounds. These are your pistol options. You can get a Shotgun in the 4th round, which gives you more power than the pistols. Each round brings you more powerful arsenals. Challenge yourself to unlock all the weapons and enjoy each of them! You can access all the previously unlocked weapons by sliding the mouse scroll.

Move Forward Strategically

From time to time, the zombies you will encounter will be large in number. Aiming and shooting at them one by one can be a little overwhelming. In such cases, you can use the TNTs on the streets or throw one using the G key. A TNT bomb will enable you to eliminate many creatures at once by exploding. But make sure you’re not too close to the explosive. Otherwise, you will also be affected negatively.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
  • Left-Click: Shoot
  • Right-Click: Aim
  • Space Key: Jump
  • Left-Shift Key: Run
  • T Key: Slow Motion
  • R Key: Reload
  • G Key: Grenade
  • V Key: Melee
  • H Key: Empty Hand
  • Tab Key: Pause
  • Mouse Scroll: Switch Weapons
  • CTRL Key: Crouch


Counter Craft was developed by G55.

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