Tanks of the Galaxy

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Tanks of the Galaxy is an unblocked shooting game where your objective is to move forward on maps of different planets by steering your tank. You will encounter many enemy forces while moving. Destroy all of the tanks that you will come across to declare victory. You will take part in one of the most intense tank battles in this action game!

How to Play Tanks of the Galaxy

  • Your primary mission in this battle game is to minimize the damage you receive from enemy attacks and destroy them in the process.
  • They will be more in numbers while you are all alone. So, try to attack them in a strategic way. Target them one by one instead of attacking them all at once.
  • You can spot their place from the small map at the upper right corner of the screen. The red squares indicate the enemy tanks, while the green ones show the green blocks.

Explode the Green Blocks

There are many blocks on the map. Some are gray, and others are green. When you are shot by a tank, your machine’s health bar will drop immediately. The green blocks provide power-ups to boost your tank’s health bar and a shield to defend against attacks. These power-ups will greatly benefit you while making progress in the action game.

Behind the Gray Ones

You can use the gray blocks to hide from bullets. From time to time, especially when more than one tank attacks you, these gray blocks can help you defend. Get behind a gray block so enemy bullets won’t be able to damage you. In addition, you will see lasers in later levels. You must use the gray ones to block the lasers to pass these regions.

Weapons and Upgrades for your Tank

In later levels, you will come across more powerful enemy forces. To survive among them, you must get your machine new weapons and upgrade its features from the menu. For example, you can increase the damage rate of the small caliber to hit powerfully. Or you can purchase a shotgun that is more potent than the caliber. It is also possible to enhance the shield power. Keep discovering!


  • WASD Keys: Move
  • Spacebar: Change Weapon
  • Left-Click: Shoot
  • Mouse: Aim
  • Touchscreen: for Mobile Devices


Tanks of the Galaxy was developed by 9Lives Games.

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